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A free warehouse is a space offering storage for goods, as well as other services for their handling, maintenance and safety. These warehouses accept all kinds of goods corresponding to imports or exports between countries.

Compared to a regular storage space, a free warehouse offers tax benefits. Cargoes deposited here are not affected by import duties, internal revenue or other trade policy measures. For the purposes of customs regulations, the goods stored in a free warehouse are not considered to be on Community territory. They are therefore duty free, both when entering and when leaving the warehouse.

Bilbao free warehouse

At Bilogistik we work with the Bilbao Free Warehouse, a bonded storage zone created to foster international trade. It occupies a surface of 35,000 square metres and has 11 modern warehouses equipped with state-of-the-art auxiliary machinery.


It functions as a Customs Warehouse (CW) and enables goods to stay at its facilities for an unlimited amount of time, independently of their origin, nature, quantity or destination, remaining duty-free until they leave the premises. It also functions as a Warehouse Authorisation Other than Customs (WAOC), meaning that any Community company can use it to store goods imported from the EU with no need to pay advance VAT or to complete customs procedures. Advantages that are also enjoyed by our own warehouse.

All of this, combined with its location within the Port of Bilbao, simplifies the customs procedure, meaning that freight arrival and departure benefits from great independence. The facilities also have permanent security services and constant surveillance to guarantee that your goods are always protected.

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