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Bilogistik was born in 2012, created by three partners with diverse experience in road transport, the services sector and logistics, including positions of high responsibility in the multinationals of the trade.

The synergies of their collaboration inevitably led to the creation of a company dedicated to providing global coverage for every customer’s logistics needs, no matter how complicated.

That’s Bilogistik, a logistics company with a local approach when providing advice and the quality standards of a multinational.

Our objective

To help boost our customers’ growth by enabling their access to any international market thanks to our experience and our network of agents on all 5 continents.

We also endeavour to grow, to generate employment and to accompany our employees in their development and improvement.

We are strongly committed to contracting young and qualified people who bring energy to the project and help us to keep our finger on the pulse of social changes.

Nuestro Objetivo
Servicios Logísticos de Alto Valor

High value logistics services

At Bilogistik we offer a global logistics service, taking charge of the goods from the moment of receiving them at their place of origin until delivery to their destination.

We have extensive experience in air, ocean, rail, road and multimodal transport. We also offer storage, forwarding, ship agency and customs clearance services for all types of freight.

Our partners

At the Bilogistik Group we are a well-oiled machine made up of 3 parts: Ancoa XXI, Navisa Alfaship and Altxapunte, different companies gathered together in a same group for the purposes of better addressing the different stages of the logistics process.

As a global company, we adapt to every operation with the help of our international partners. Here our most important partner is DOLT Logistics, with whom we work in France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Scandinavia.

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