Solutions for rubber transport

Rubber products are essential in almost all global supply chains. However, their transport must be performed by professionals, given the special care required due to their easy contamination by external factors.

At Bilogistik we have extensive experience in transporting bulk rubber, tyres and similar compounds. We work for the leading tyre brands in the market, such as the multinational, Bridgestone.

This expertise allows us to provide agile and high-value solutions for companies in the sector. We offer you a complete logistics service, covering every link of the supply chain and completely adaptable to your specific needs.

Our rubber transport solutions include:

  • Transporte multimodal marítimo, aéreo y terrestre

    International sea, air and land transport

  • Manipulación y almacenamiento

    Handling and storage

  • Trámites administrativos

    Document management and administrative formalities

  • Gestión de aduanas

    Customs management

  • Transparencia en el proceso

    Transparency throughout the process

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Bulk rubber transport
and handling

Transporte y manipulación de caucho a granel

Handling rubber requires special care and specific machinery that only professional teams like the one at Bilogistik can provide. We have proven processes and specialists who know how to handle rubber to ensure that it suffers no contamination and that the process proceeds seamlessly.

We also take care of the complete logistics process to provide a service to customers who need to transport their cargo of rubber tyres and wheels. We complete the operation from start to finish, offering the possibility of tracking goods and their status at all times.

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Transport of other materials

En Bilogistik disponemos de soluciones para el transporte fiable y eficiente de diferentes tipos de materiales:

  • Minerals

    We transport your mineral freight efficiently and tailored to your logistics needs, no matter how difficult the terrain. We accompany you at every stage of the supply chain.

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  • Metals

    We design a custom solution for the transport of all types of metal, for both recurring and single orders. We optimise every process to ensure a delivery in perfect conditions and with total transparency.

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  • Dangerous goods

    We have the ideal solution for transporting dangerous goods, such as explosive or corrosive materials. We guarantee an integral logistics solution, in compliance with all safety standards.

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Our logistics services

As experts in all types of transport, at Bilogistik we accompany you at every stage of the supply chain with our custom solutions:

Soluciones para Cargas Especiales y de Proyecto

Solutions for special and project cargoes

Thanks to our team’s logistics experience, at Bilogistik we offer you our transport service for special cargoes, whether in the case of single deliveries or as part of an industrial project involving continual journeys.

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