Multimodal transport

At Bilogistik we organise multimodal transport for all kinds of goods. This type of operation involves combining two or more means of transport to guarantee that the goods will reach their destination, always ensuring a door-to-door service. However, the goods stay in the same container all the way.

Combined transport is the best option for overcoming the challenges of transport between territories far from one another. Thus, the greater the distance, the greater the importance of the part played by the multimodal transport of goods.

The benefits of our multimodal transport service are

  • Contrato único

    A single transport contract.

  • Sin manipular la carga

    No need to handle the load when changing means of transport.

  • Agilidad y seguridad

    Greater speed and safety in the logistics operation.

  • Eficiencia en costes

    Greater cost efficiency.

  • Menor consumo energético

    Lower consumption of energy, resources and emissions.

  • Transparencia en los procesos

    Transparency in the processes.

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We design personalised multimodal solutions, tailoring them to suit the cargo type and taking the best aspect of each means of transport to optimise the routes. This means that we obtain the greatest efficiency with respect to processes, time and costs.

The most frequent combinations in this type of transport are:

  • Multimodal marítimo y por carretera

    Multimodal sea and road transport

  • Multimodal ferroviario y por carretera

    Multimodal rail and
    road transport

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Container types

At Bilogistik we adapt to the logistics needs of your cargo. We have the ideal multimodal container to guarantee that your goods will travel safety and in perfect condition.

  • Contenedor bulk

    Bulk container

    Ideal for bulk loads given its characteristic openings for easy emptying.

  • Contenedor cisterna o tank

    Cistern or tank container

    Suitable for bulk liquids or liquified gases.

  • Contenedor de apertura lateral u open side

    Open side container

    For very bulky goods, such as heavy machinery, pipes or special equipment.

  • Contenedor open top half-height

    Open-top container

    Perfect for very bulky goods such as minerals and semi-finished products.

  • Plataforma flat

    Flat platform

    For very bulky goods that are too big for a conventional container. The platform is covered with a resistant tarpaulin to protect the cargo.

Transporte multimodal de mercancías peligrosas

Multimodal transport of dangerous goods

The complexity involved in the multimodal transport of dangerous goods lies in the fact that the necessary specifications change according to the type of transport at hand. It is therefore important to have a team of experts equipped with the required permits and certifications.

At Bilogistik we take care of the necessary formalities to meet all legal requirements when transporting dangerous goods by multimodal means.

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Our logistics services

As experts in all types of transport, at Bilogistik we accompany you at every stage of the supply chain with our custom solutions:

Transporte de todo tipo
de Mercancías

  • Minerales

    Transportamos tu carga mineral de forma eficiente y adaptada a tus necesidades logísticas, sea cual sea la dificultad del terreno. Te acompañamos en cada fase de la cadena de suministro.

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  • Metales

    Diseñamos una solución a medida para el transporte de todo tipo de metales, sea un pedido recurrente o puntual. Optimizamos cada proceso para una entrega en óptimas condiciones y con total transparencia.

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  • Caucho

    Soluciones para el transporte de caucho, ya sea a granel, en forma de neumáticos o productos derivados. Diseñamos la solución logística más adecuada y eficiente para que tus mercancías lleguen en perfectas condiciones.

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  • Mercancías Peligrosas

    Tenemos la solución logística idónea para el transporte de mercancías peligrosas, como explosivos o corrosivos. Garantizamos una solución logística integral, cumpliendo con todos los estándares de seguridad.

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Soluciones para Cargas Especiales y de Proyecto

Soluciones para cargas especiales y de proyecto

Gracias a la experiencia en logística de nuestro equipo, desde Bilogistik te ofrecemos nuestro servicio de transporte de cargas especiales, tanto de forma puntual como dentro de un proyecto industrial con desplazamientos continuados.

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