Types of ocean freight containers

12 Jun 2019

Containers are a basic element in logistics, especially in maritime transport. In this post we show you how to choose the most appropriate one according to the specific needs of each type of goods.

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Sea freight and how is established

28 May 2019

Sea freight is the most commonly used formula and contract when it comes to sea freight transport. However, it is very complicated to calculate its price since it is subject to numerous variables, making essential the figure of a reliable freight forwarder.

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Types of ships, based on the cargo they carry

26 Mar 2019

The majority of ships are dedicated to freight transport and they differ from each other depending on the cargo they carry. In Bilogistik we manage your cargo transport in each and every of these ships according to what is the best for you.

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Bilogistik gets ISO 39001 certification

12 Mar 2019

One of the most wide-spread indicators that improve excellence in the service of a company, and distinguish from competition, are quality certificates. For this reason, at Bilogistik, we are moving forward with our commitment to ongoing improvement, proven by all our certifications, including our latest one, ISO 39001.

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What are scrubbers and what are they used for?

18 Feb 2019

In order to meet IMO’s sea transport decarbonisation goals, one of the systems used by many maritime transportation companies are the scrubbers. This equipment provides a solution for atmospheric emission purification and produces a clean gas that can be emitted to atmosphere.

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“Just-in-time” sailing reduces CO2 emissions

20 Nov 2018

“Just-in-time” consists in reducing the time that ships spend in seaports through time measuring and coordination. The International Maritime Organization (IMO), considers this method as a key factor for reducing carbon footprint in sea tranport and for saving time and money to sea companies.

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Big Data and port logistics

18 Oct 2018

Big Data is revolutionising the business world across all sectors and as to be expected, expectations are high in regard to its use in ports logistics.

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Documentation necessary for foreign trade

05 Oct 2018

International freight transport is a complex issue in legal terms, and the documentation it requires proves it. This kind of exportation requires very precise paperwork. In addition to other reasons, this is to fulfil the contract and comply with authority controls in the countries through which the merchandise travels.

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