Forwarding and Shipping Agents

The challenges of last-minute logistics

23 Dec 2019

Last-minute logistics may suppose delays and extra costs in the shipment of the merchandise. To avoid this, you have to plan ahead, have transportation alternatives and work hand in hand with a trusted freight forwarder.

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Shipping container codes

16 Nov 2019

Containers are key pieces of international logistics by allowing goods to arrive safely at their destination. Here we leave you the codes that every container must carry to be able to be controlled along the supply chain.

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Ship types according to their size

22 Oct 2019

The size of the ship varies depending on the commercial routes they follow, the berthing ports and the cargo the carry, being this an extremely important aspect to take into account when transporting goods.

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World Maritime Day 2019

11 Oct 2019

World Maritime Day commemorates the work of IMO throughout its history. This year, as a central theme, the focus has been placed on the presence of women in the sector and on the development of systems for safe navigation.

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Customs clearance and its channels

27 Sep 2019

Paperwork is one of the biggest headaches that affect importers and exporters when making your shipments. This article is going to look at what customs clearance is and what we can do to speed it up as much as possible, […]

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Value-added logistics

15 Aug 2019

Value Added Logistics allows to provide a complete service that meets all the expectations and needs of the client. In Bilogistik we are experts in the integral management of transport through VAL services.

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New Incoterms enter in force in 2020

01 Jul 2019

The nature of international trade changes, and with it, the need to update a fundamental mechanism to facilitate negotiations and contracts: Incoterms. 1 January 2020, these new standards will enter in force. The International Chamber of Commerce is currently giving […]

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Types of ocean freight containers

12 Jun 2019

Containers are a basic instrument, without which logistics would make no sense, particularly in the case of ocean transport. After all, it is estimated that more than 20 million containers worldwide are on the move at any single time. Choosing […]

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Sea freight and how is established

28 May 2019

Sea freight is the most commonly used formula and contract when it comes to sea freight transport. However, it is very complicated to calculate its price since it is subject to numerous variables, making essential the figure of a reliable freight forwarder.

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