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Why logistics chain management is so important

23 Sep 2021

Sharp increases in sea freight prices are impacting the international transport sector. This and other circumstances threaten the viability of many companies, who are beginning to understand the importance of improving their logistics to minimise impact. The container crisis and […]

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The effects of Brexit on the logistics chain

17 Sep 2021

Following a period where the Covid crisis took centre stage, the consequences of Brexit are now beginning to become noticeable in the United Kingdom. Supply and staff shortages threaten the logistics sector and disrupting already strained supply chains. The effects […]

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The transport of oversize cargo by sea

01 Sep 2021

Maritime transport is a standardised process allowing almost any type of goods to be transported from one side of the world to another on board containers. But what happens when we are dealing with cargo that is too big for […]

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The importance of storage in the logistics chain

30 Jul 2021

The logistics chain is a complex process involving a series of stages which must run perfectly smoothly to ensure that the goods arrive at their destination fast and safely. One of those stages is storage, which plays an essential part […]

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Logistics 5.0, a resilient technology serving humans

23 Jul 2021

The major difficulties arising these pandemic times have, however, allowed us to learn some positive lessons. The need to face disruptions in the logistics chain led to the search for a technological transition towards Logistics 4.0, and a shift in […]

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Digital transformation at the port of Bilbao

15 Jul 2021

Now that decarbonisation is a leading industrial goal, ports around the world are in a race towards a new competitiveness involving digitisation and energy efficiency. This process can be illustrated through the transformation of the port of Bilbao, which has […]

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Environmental challenges of the transport of ferroalloys

16 Jun 2021

We know as ferroalloys iron alloys that have a constituent element other than carbon such as manganese, potassium, molybdenum or silicon. Some of the more common ferroalloys are ferromanganese, silico-manganese and ferrochrome. These mixtures allow for improved iron or steel […]

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The challenges of last-minute logistics

23 Dec 2019

Last-minute logistics may suppose delays and extra costs in the shipment of the merchandise. To avoid this, you have to plan ahead, have transportation alternatives and work hand in hand with a trusted freight forwarder.

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Shipping container codes

16 Nov 2019

Containers are key pieces of international logistics by allowing goods to arrive safely at their destination. Here we leave you the codes that every container must carry to be able to be controlled along the supply chain.

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Ship types according to their size

22 Oct 2019

The size of the ship varies depending on the commercial routes they follow, the berthing ports and the cargo the carry, being this an extremely important aspect to take into account when transporting goods.

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World Maritime Day 2019

11 Oct 2019

World Maritime Day commemorates the work of IMO throughout its history. This year, as a central theme, the focus has been placed on the presence of women in the sector and on the development of systems for safe navigation.

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Customs clearance and its channels

27 Sep 2019

Paperwork is one of the biggest headaches that affect importers and exporters when making your shipments. This article is going to look at what customs clearance is and what we can do to speed it up as much as possible, […]

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