Customs clearance

Bilogistik provides customs agents to manage all port and customs formalities so that you don’t have to worry about bureaucracy.

Our knowledge of the different kinds of goods and the regulations applicable to every mode of transport means that we can enable a fast and transparent service while avoiding delays due to legal or duty issues.

The benefits of our Customs Clearance service are:

  • Todos los trámites

    We complete all of the necessary formalities.

  • Agilidad y seguridad

    Greater speed and safety of the logistics operation.

  • Eficiencia en costes

    Improved cost efficiency.

  • Transparencia en los procesos

    Transparency in all processes.

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Gestión de aduanas internacionales

International customs clearance

International trade regulations change constantly depending on the different national laws and agreements between countries or trading zones. It therefore makes sense to leave these formalities to the professionals, who will take charge of satisfying the requirements of customs authorities at all times.

At Bilogistik we have experts and advisors on international tax laws and customs management. We complete the appropriate preliminary formalities and controls to ensure that your freight arrives in the destination country in time, with neither penalisations nor detentions.

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Customs clearance

Customs clearance encompasses all of the formalities and procedures required for goods entering and leaving a specific national territory. Its purpose is to control and approve their movement. A customs agent is therefore required to submit an information disclosure statement to the customs authority on behalf of the importer or exporter.

At Bilogistik we offer you our customs clearance services for the different types of transport:

Rail freight customs clearance

We take care of correctly managing the Rail Consignment Note (CIM), in order that your cargo will reach its destination without delays or setbacks, guaranteeing the success of the logistics operation.

Ocean freight customs clearance

We manage the Bill of Lading (B/L) and Clean on Board certificate in order to streamline the ocean transport of your goods. Add the ship agent and charter options for an integral service.

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Integral customs clearance

We manage all duty and customs formalities for the importation of all types of goods so that you don’t have to worry about anything. This will guarantee that the goods arrive at their destination with no detentions or surprises.

This service also includes the filling out of all kinds of documents, as well as the management of customs warehouses (our own or bonded warehouse).

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Gestión aduanera integral

Otros servicios logísticos

En Bilogistik disponemos de todo tipo de soluciones transporte:

Transport of all type
of goods

  • Minerals

    We transport your mineral cargo efficiently and tailored to your logistics needs, no matter how difficult the terrain. We accompany you at every stage of the supply chain.

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  • Metals

    We design a custom solution for the transport of all types of metal, for both recurring and single orders. We optimise every process to ensure a delivery in perfect conditions and with total transparency.

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  • Rubber

    Solutions for transporting rubber, whether in bulk, as tyres or by-products. We design the most suitable and efficient logistics solution to make sure that your goods arrive in perfect condition.

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  • Dangerous goods

    We have the ideal solution for transporting dangerous goods, such as explosive or corrosive materials. We guarantee an integral logistics solution, in compliance with all safety standards.

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Soluciones para Cargas Especiales y de Proyecto

Solutions for special and project cargoes

Thanks to our team’s logistics experience, at Bilogistik we offer you our transport service for special cargoes, whether in the case of single deliveries or as part of an industrial project involving continual journeys.

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