Forwarding and Shipping Agents

Integral logistics solutions

We are your integral transport providers. At Bilogistik we have proven experience in handling all kinds of goods and door-to-door logistics. We work to ensure that your freight travels from origin to destination with its safety fully guaranteed and at the best price. Put your freight in our hands and we’ll deliver it by land, sea or air in the shortest possible time.

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Goods transport

We transport goods of any kind, helping you to choose the safest and most efficient method. With the knowledge that every shipment and type of cargo is different, we work with all of the transport options within our reach so that your goods will arrive at their destination in time and with full guarantees. And, of course, at the best price.

Goods road freight transport

Road freight transport

We transport your goods by road to any national or international destination. We are specialists in handling special cargoes, and we have our own fleet of trucks.

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Goods ocean freight transport

Ocean freight transport

Bilogistik transports all kinds of goods between any port of origin and destination. We have wide experience in the handling of ferrous and bulk products.

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Goods rail freight transport

Rail freight transport

We transport your goods by railway to guarantee a rapid service. Working with a wide network of operators means that we can reach anywhere with a rail connection.

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Goods freight air transport

Air freight transport

We provide an urgent air freight service. Using our extensive network of partners, we manage and fly your air freight fast and economically.

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Goods multimodal freight transport

Multimodal freight transport

We offer multimodal transport specialising in ferro alloys, tyres and bulk goods. This option combines at least two different kinds of transport.

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Integral logistics services

Our integral services offer everything you need for seamless freight shipment, from storage to the management of customs formalities. Thanks to our experience, we can make decisions to guarantee the security, speed and economic efficiency of every step in the logistics chain.

Goods storage services


Bilogistik offers storage beside the Port of Bilbao as well as duty-free warehouses within the actual port facilities. Our integral storage services include goods reception and dispatch, product control and the management of administrative and customs formalities.

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Forwarding agent

Forwarding agent

We provide the services of a forwarding agent, the figure responsible for organising secure and efficient international goods transport. The forwarder acts on behalf of the importer or exporter to guarantee that all safety and legal obligations are fulfilled.

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Customs clearance

Customs clearance

Bilogistik helps its customers with all port and customs formalities. Thanks to our integral logistics service, we can streamline freight shipment and its storage for a smooth-running, efficient and controlled process. We adapt to the needs of every customer.

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