Integral logistics providers

We are your integral transport providers. At Bilogistik we have proven experience in handling all kinds of goods and door-to-door logistics. We work to ensure that your freight travels from origin to destination with its safety fully guaranteed and at the best price. Put your freight in our hands and we’ll deliver it by land, sea or air in the shortest possible time.

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Raw materials transport

At Bilogistik we are specialists in the safe and efficient transport of all kinds of freight and raw materials. We develop solutions adapted to your material to make sure that your goods arrive at their destination in time, with full guarantees and excellent cost efficiency.

  • Minerals

    We transport your mineral freight efficiently and tailored to your logistics needs, no matter how difficult the terrain. We accompany you at every stage of the supply chain.

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  • Metals

    We design a custom solution for the transport of all types of metal, for both recurring and single orders. We optimise every process to ensure a delivery in perfect conditions and with total transparency.

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  • Rubber

    Solutions for transporting rubber, whether in bulk, as tyres or by-products. We design the most suitable and efficient logistics solution to make sure that your goods arrive in perfect condition.

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  • Dangerous goods

    We have the ideal solution for transporting dangerous goods, such as explosive or corrosive materials. We guarantee an integral logistics solution, in compliance with all safety standards.

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We are your integral transport providers

Transporte Integral

Complete logistics service

Our logistics services offer everything you need for seamless freight shipment, from storage to the management of customs formalities.

We accompany you at every stage of the logistics chain, guaranteeing transparency combined with the best possible efficiency when it comes to time and costs.

  • Transporte multimodal

    Multimodal transport

    To meet the challenges of long distance transport, we design multimodal solutions for all kinds of goods. We take the best of every means to guarantee the best route and greatest efficiency.

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  • Flete marítimo

    Maritime chartering

    We organise maritime chartering for the ocean freight of your goods. We therefore help you to choose the option most suited to your needs depending on the cargo type and volume.

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  • Consignatario de buques

    Ship agent

    To offer you an integral service, we work as your intermediaries, taking care of all necessary procedures and formalities while the ship is in dock, all with the greatest efficiency in time and costs.

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  • Almacenamiento


    Thanks to our storage facility and bonded warehouse, we can offer you an integral storage service: from the reception and shipping of goods to product control and the management of formalities.

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  • Agente transitario

    Forwarding Agent

    We organise the safe and efficient international transport of your goods. We significantly reduce management times and guarantee a process that is legal and secure throughout.

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  • Gestión de aduanas

    Customs management

    We complete all port and customs formalities to streamline shipment of your goods, and their storage, all in an easy, efficient and controlled process.

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Special and project cargo transport

As specialists in goods freight, at Bilogistik we have developed a service for the transport of oversized cargoes and industrial projects.

Oversized cargo

We have an expert team in ocean lines, containers and storage for the transport of oversized cargo; our expert knowledge includes lashing systems, hoisting calculations and installation at the destination.

Project or heavy-lift cargo

We accompany you from the early stages of the project: from the moment of establishing its costs in different situations, to the coordination of all supplies, including advice on tariffs.

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Grupo Bilogistik

Bilogistik Group

Get to know the Bilogistik Group, a company made up of three partners, all expert providers of high added value goods transport and logistics services.

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We are


Why Bilogistik

  • We are experts in the development of specialised services for the transport and handling of all kinds of goods.

  • Processes based on the highest certified quality standards, offering excellent operational and financial value and efficiency.

  • We offer integral logistics solutions. Complete the different operations in the logistics chain with a single supplier.


At Bilogistik we have extensive experience in the development of streamlined, high value logistics solutions. Our custom solutions help companies in all types of sectors to maintain their leadership, and boost their competitive position.

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