Maritime chartering

Maritime chartering is the contract and formula most used when transporting large volumes of goods by sea. These are contracts involving numerous variables, meaning that the best option is always to leave them in expert hands.

As part of our integral service, at Bilogistik we manage maritime chartering for the international transport of all types of goods. No matter what the logistic operation, we find the best charter and provide you with the ship best suited to your load, optimising the service in time and costs.

The benefits of our maritime chartering service are:

  • El mejor flete

    We guarantee the best charter for all types of freight, from bulk cargoes to dangerous goods.

  • Asesoramiento sobre costes

    Recommendations and advice on costs. We offer you the most profitable alternative.

  • Servicio logístico integral

    Integral logistics service: includes collection of the cargo, storage, shipment and administrative management of the whole process.

  • Gestión simplificada

    Simplified processes and formalities.

  • Transparencia en los procesos

    Transparency in all processes.

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Types of maritime chartering

  • Fletamento a casco desnudo o Bareboat charter

    Bareboat charter

  • Fletamento por viaje o Voyage charter

    Voyage charter

  • Fletamento por tiempo o Time charter

    Time charter

How do we calculate maritime chartering?

To calculate the price of maritime chartering, we take account of different factors associated to the operation which determine their cost:

  • Details of the route
  • Type of maritime charter
  • Handling costs
  • Container type
  • Cargo volume
  • Cargo category
  • Surcharges
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Cargo category

We advise you on the best way to load your goods depending on their volume:

FCL charter

For load volumes greater than 15m3. Given that in this case the goods occupy the full container, it is sealed to travel and follows a direct route from origin to destination, with the application of a flat rate.

LCL charter

For small load volumes. In this case, the cost is calculated by ton loaded, meaning that your cargo will travel grouped together with others to optimise costs.

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To obtain a realistic final price adapted to the conditions of the logistics operation, as well as calculating the price of the maritime charter itself, we also apply potential charges, such as:

  • BAF

    Surcharge applied to compensate for unexpected fluctuations in fuel prices.

  • CAF

    Surcharge to cover potential exchange rate fluctuations. Applied as a percentage of the charter rate.

  • IMO

    Surcharge for the transport of dangerous goods.

  • Toll fees

    Other potential surcharges to be paid depending on the area in which the goods transit, such as the Suez Canal, the Panama Canal or the Gulf of Aden.

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Other logistics services

At Bilogistik we have all kinds of transport solutions:

Transport of all type
of goods

  • Minerals

    We transport your mineral cargo efficiently and tailored to your logistics needs, no matter how difficult the terrain. We accompany you at every stage of the supply chain.

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  • Metals

    We design a custom solution for the transport of all types of metal, for both recurring and single orders. We optimise every process to ensure a delivery in perfect conditions and with total transparency.

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  • Rubber

    Solutions for transporting rubber, whether in bulk, as tyres or by-products. We design the most suitable and efficient logistics solution to make sure that your goods arrive in perfect condition.

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  • Dangerous goods

    We have the ideal solution for transporting dangerous goods, such as explosive or corrosive materials. We guarantee an integral logistics solution, in compliance with all safety standards.

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Soluciones para Cargas Especiales y de Proyecto

Solutions for special and project cargoes

Thanks to our team’s logistics experience, at Bilogistik we offer you our transport service for special cargoes, whether in the case of single deliveries or as part of an industrial project involving continual journeys.

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