The transport of oversize cargo by sea

Maritime transport is a standardised process allowing almost any type of goods to be transported from one side of the world to another on board containers. But what happens when we are dealing with cargo that is too big for these types of containers? This is known as oversize cargo, bulky goods of vital importance for many industrial projects.

This post will talk about what alternatives exist for an oversize goods transport service.

What is oversize cargo?

Oversize cargo refers to any goods whose size or tonnage exceeds limits allowing them to be transported in a conventional manner. Due to the fact that they cannot be shipped in standard containers, they need to be transported in specially designed equipment that require detailed handling.

Oversize cargo basically requires different special vehicles, safety measures and ultimately logistics operations to be transported safely and smoothly.

Sectors requiring oversize cargo transport

Many industries require an oversize cargo service for international shipping, particularly those in the industrial sector. These are businesses that need to transport heavy and large-sized industrial machinery.

The infrastructure construction and the renewable energy sectors are others that may also need to transport large parts or fright internationally.

Companies supplying heavy raw materials such as natural stone, mining and petrochemical industries also required this service.

It is important to remember that apart from being oversize cargo, they are also expensive and sometimes dangerous to handle. Therefore, every precaution must be taken during the transport and handling of goods that are so important for these businesses.

 Examples of oversize goods include:

  • Industrial machinery (cranes, bulldozers, large engines)
  • Construction materials such as beams or steel structures
  • Vehicles such as cars or trucks
  • Agricultural machinery such as tractors
  • Pipes, cables or coils
  • Wind energy blades
  • Aeronautics parts

How oversize cargo can be exported by sea

Maritime transport is one of the main routes used for the import and export of goods due to being very versatile and safe. This includes all types and sizes of freight, while of course also covering oversize or heavy cargo. The fact remains that there is often no other vehicle capable of transporting it by conventional land routes.

Specific containers and transport mechanisms have been designed to deal with this type of cargo.

  • Open Top Container: This type of container is used to transport goods that are oversized due to their height. They are characterised by having an open roof, a feature that allows them to be loaded with a crane bridge. This container is also used for heavy cargo that are not necessarily oversize. 
  • Flat-rack container: Rather than a container, this is more a base or platform without a roof or walls and whose sides can be folded down. This makes it ideal for transporting goods that are so bulky that they cannot enter a normal container through doors, ceilings or sides. The cargo covered with robust awning after being placed on the platform,.
  • Whenever none of these containers is sufficient to hold the goods, the material can be stowed directly in the vessel’s hold or deck.
  • Finally, dollies (MAFI) can be used and transported on Ro-Ro vessels, especially intended for vehicles and wheeled equipment. These vessels have large doors and ramps to allow goods to be rolled in and out.

Your oversize goods in good hands

We at Bilogistik are very aware of the special handling and paperwork required by an oversize goods transport service. Whether you need to transport an oversize item from time to time, or if you are looking for a project freight transport service, we can provide you with a comprehensive logistics service. This includes everything from the collection of oversize cargo to transport and customs management, while applying the most extensive safety measures.

Our experienced and specialised team will study your cargo needs, depending on its weight or size and plan everything accordingly. We guide you in order to obtain the best prices and times and we also take care of all the necessary paperwork and documentation so that they are exported without any delays or setbacks, ensuring the integrity of the goods.

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