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Shipping container codes

Containers are key pieces of international logistics by allowing goods to arrive safely at their destination. Here we leave you the codes that every container must carry to be able to be controlled along the supply chain.

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Ship types according to their size

The size of the ship varies depending on the commercial routes they follow, the berthing ports and the cargo the carry, being this an extremely important aspect to take into account when transporting goods.

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Value-added logistics

Value Added Logistics allows to provide a complete service that meets all the expectations and needs of the client. In Bilogistik we are experts in the integral management of transport through VAL services.

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Types of ships, based on the cargo they carry

The majority of ships are dedicated to freight transport and they differ from each other depending on the cargo they carry. In Bilogistik we manage your cargo transport in each and every of these ships according to what is the best for you.

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Big Data and port logistics

Big Data is revolutionising the business world across all sectors and as to be expected, expectations are high in regard to its use in ports logistics.

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Documentation necessary for foreign trade

International freight transport is a complex issue in legal terms, and the documentation it requires proves it. This kind of exportation requires very precise paperwork. In addition to other reasons, this is to fulfil the contract and comply with authority controls in the countries through which the merchandise travels.

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Special features of biomass bulk transport

One of the challenges faced by the energy sector is the replacement of polluting fuels with other renewable sources such as biomass. Understanding biomass and their specific handling and storage requirements is essential.

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