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External storage

As part of our integral service, we have our own warehouse to receive your goods and store them safely until their shipment date. Entrust us with the external storage of your cargo, no matter what it is. Thanks to the fact that we have our own warehouse in the vicinity of the Port of Bilbao, at Bilogistik we offer the full range of services your goods may need.

Thanks to our storage space, your cargo can profit from tax and customs benefits. Our external storage can also function as a Customs Warehouse (CW) where your goods can stay for an unlimited time without paying duty until they leave the premises. It also acts as a Warehouse Authorisation Others than Customs (WAOC), enabling Community companies to use it for the purposes of storing goods for delivery in the EU without paying VAT in advance or having to complete customs procedures.

Cargo and storage types

Each type of freight requires a series of conditions, including care when handling and temperature control. With Bilogistik your goods will always be safeguarded by a team of professionals to maintain their integrity and anticipate problems of any kind. When your freight leaves the warehouse, it will do so in perfect conditions and with the same tax benefits as those of a free warehouse.

Bulk cargo storage

If you need to store large and homogenous batches of bulk cargo, you can count on our services. We store your freight with the adequate machinery and will keep your solid or liquid bulk goods at a controlled temperature to prevent its environmental contamination or shrinkage.

Heavy cargo storage

We have specialised means and equipment for handling and storing your large tonnage goods, such as heavy metals or industrial machinery, and for setting it in motion once again when required. You can leave your heavy cargo in our hands for storage and distribution, worry-free.

Handling cargo in the warehouse

external warehouse for goods

As with the transport process, in the warehouse our actions depend on the kind of goods we’re dealing with, in this case by handling and storing them. Each kind of freight must be handled according to its characteristics. Here the key factors are respect for the cargo and keeping process times to a minimum, therefore obtaining guaranteed efficiency.

At Bilogistik we adapt the complete storage and handling process to the type, quantity and volume of goods you entrust to us.

Other storage services

Free warehouse

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