Road Freight Transport

Bilogistik offers every type of road transport, at national and international level. We carry complete shipments of every type of goods, with savings in both time and cost.

We have our own truck fleet and a solid network of associates, enabling us to offer an efficient, streamlined service. We specialise in the transport of bulk cargoes and any type of goods that requires sensitive handling.


Own truck fleet

We offer a fast and flexible service thanks to our own truck fleet, which, in combination with our network of associates allows us to offer door-to-door delivery anywhere in the world.

Thanks to our team, we are able to offer optimal delivery times and prices, with great diligence throughout the process.


We travel on Green Pathways

The Green Pathways are an alternative to other more usual and busier routes, permitting territorial cohesion along environmentally-friendly infrastructures.

Environmental protection is our concern. This is why we look for routes that will enable us to reduce journey times, and lower CO2 emissions.


Bilogistik: "Nothing is left for tomorrow"