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Rubber freight solutions

Rubber products are an essential piece in almost all global supply chains. At Bilogistik we transport tyres and any other product made with rubber and similar compounds. We transport the cargo by road with our own truck fleet, or by train, sea and air.

Bilogistik transports tyres and works for the leading brands in the market, such as Bridgestone, the tyre and rubber multinational.

Bulk rubber transport

Rubber is a material which requires special care, given its easy contamination by external factors. To prevent its contamination, rubber must be transported on metal pallets rather than on the conventional wooden versions. It also requires specific machinery for loading and unloading, which only professional teams like the one at Bilogistik can provide.

We can transport rubber and its by-products by any means, although the best results are generally obtained using the multimodal option by ship and truck.

Bulk rubber handling

Handling rubber requires expertise, and the same applies to its storage. Here special care must be taken not to mix the rubber with certain other goods which may occupy the same space at the same time. To prevent this from happening and avoid problems, we have specialists dedicated to the handling of bulk rubber.

Bilogistik also takes care of the complete logistics process as a service for customers who need to transport their cargo of rubber tyres and wheels. From start to finish, coordinating and informing the customer on the status and position of their goods, we guarantee the transport of freight which, like rubber, requires special handling.

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