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Transport solutions for minerals

Mining is at the core of a large part of the secondary industry. It is also one of the activities which traditionally involves more complex logistics when it comes to transporting minerals from the mines to the industrial zones where they have the adequate equipment and machinery to work on them.

Familiar with mineral transport requirements, at Bilogistik we offer an integral logistics service for every link in the logistics chain until reaching the end customer. This includes maritime and overland transport, storage and, of course, customs management. We manage your mineral cargo transport from start to finish.

Manipulation of minerals and ferro alloys

We are licensed to transport minerals and are familiar with their special nature. The characteristics making them potentially harmful for those working with them and for the environment mean that certain minerals require very careful attention when it comes to their handling, storage or transport. We use special containers to transport minerals in perfect condition, always keeping a close eye on health and safety requirements.

We also have in-depth knowledge of all of the documents required to handle and transport ferro alloys. These materials require special treatment for their handling, and the same applies to their storage and transportation, stages of the logistics chain in which Bilogistik has extensive experience. We also have floating insurance policies and specialised insurance to guarantee a quality, streamlined service adapted to your product’s needs.

Mineral and ferro alloy storage

The storage solutions available both in our own warehouse and in the port free warehouse are ideal for storing mineral and ferro alloy cargoes. We have a warehouse especially dedicated to ferro alloys such as ferro manganese, ferro silicon and ferro chrome.

We also have the required machinery and equipment to guarantee the safe storage of your mineral, and to protect it against shrinkage and contamination. We control all of the environmental conditions likely to affect the material, such as heat or humidity, which can alter its chemical properties.

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