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Transport solutions for metals

We transport all kinds of metals and goods, such as pig iron, chromite, aluminium and steel by land, sea or air, from any place to the desired destination with maximum savings in time and cost.

Bilogistik has wide experience in providing solutions for companies in the metallurgy sector. Our complete logistics service covers all stages in the chain until the goods reach the end customer. The metal logistics chain includes international maritime and land transport, storage, administrative formalities and customs management.

Metal types

Every kind of metal requires correct knowledge of its properties in order to handle, transport and store it in such a way as to guarantee its final delivery in perfect conditions. Our professional team has experience in working with different kinds of metal goods and knows which vehicles, stowage procedures and storage solutions work best in each situation.

Aluminium transport

Aluminium is the most widely used non-ferrous metal and its properties make it enormously versatile. Its uses range from building construction, to the automotive and aerospace industries, and include food packaging. This means that aluminium supply and therefore its logistics, are of vital importance in our society.

At Bilogistik we are specialists in transporting and storing aluminium; we also specialise in the formalities required by the metal to travel safely from its origin to its destination. We guarantee the deliveries of this material on both one-off and repeated occasions.

Steel transport

Steel is a material extensively used in numerous industrial sectors, especially in the construction world, but also to build machinery and ships. Steel is transported in enormous volumes, meaning that the efficient work of a logistics company is essential in guaranteeing a reliable supply.

At Bilogistik we have extensive experience in the international transport of steel in its various forms: plate, bobbins, pipes, rods, cables… and in preventing associated risks such as humidity or contamination. This is achieved thanks to correctly equipped vehicles, such as trailers and semi-trailers prepared to transport steel and highly trained professionals in dealing with this metal. Factors which will always guarantee delivery within the agreed time and at the best quality-price ratio.

Other goods we transport

Minerals' freight
Rubber freight
Dangerous goods' freight

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