Forwarding and Shipping Agents

Transport forwarding

A forwarding agent is a person who acts on behalf of importers and exporters to organise safe, efficient and economical goods transport. In other words, a professional expert at your disposal to guarantee that an apparently difficult operation proceeds seamlessly.

Although they have a number of jobs, freight forwarders most commonly include hiring the transport, selecting the most efficient route with a view to gaining time and reducing costs, taking out insurance policies, choosing the right packaging for the cargo, and taking care of its storage and/or distribution. A never-ending list of tasks where experience and the ability to make decisions on transport forwarding mark the difference when measuring the efficiency of a logistics operation.

International forwarding

The role of the forwarding agent takes on even greater relevance with more complex transport processes. It is in cases like these, where they have to juggle with a greater number of participants (transports, authorities, etc.), that the forwarding agent’s decision-making skills shine their brightest.

Forwarding agent

That’s why the figure of the international forwarding agent is particularly important in guaranteeing the successful outcome of an international freight shipment.

The international forwarding agent organises shipments for importers and exporters, acting as guarantor in order that the commercial operations proceed according to the agreed conditions and without prejudice to any of the parties involved. The international forwarder is therefore an intermediary between the person making the shipment and the national transport companies, with a view to guaranteeing efficient, hassle-free transport from the country of origin to that of its destination.

Advantages offered by the forwarding agent

  • Recommendation and advice on costs to obtain the most profitable and effective alternative (charter costs, port and customs costs, consular rights, special documentation costs, insurance policies, etc.).
  • Preparation and presentation of the documentation required to export goods and for the different participating agents.
  • Advice on freight transport, packaging and stowage. This includes using freight groupage to obtain lower costs in the event of partial container loads.
  • Reservation of the necessary freight space on a means of transportation, as well as taking care of the cargo storage and/or distribution.
  • Completion of formalities with customs agents in foreign countries in order to comply with all regulations.
  • Simplified process and formalities. The forwarding agent is responsible for solving any problems arising with an international shipment.

Bilogistik offers the services of a forwarding agent to give your international shipments the highest degree of efficiency, safety and profitability.

The figure of the forwarding agent can be key in all types of transport.

Road freight transport
Ocean freight transport
Rail freight transport
Multimodal freight transport
Air freight transport

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