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Dangerous goods

Accidents related to the transport and handling of dangerous goods can entail serious consequences for people and the environment. That’s why transport of this kind mustn’t be left to just anybody, but should be done by a company capable of controlling the goods at all of the stages of the transport chain.

Bilogistik transports dangerous or polluting goods that require special handling. Here we refer for example to goods like explosives, flammable, toxic, corrosive and radioactive materials. You can trust us to transport any kind of dry dangerous goods, whether in bulk, in a container or on pallets.

Road freight of dangerous goods

Also known as ADR (Agreement on Dangerous Goods) transport, the land transport of dangerous goods is a handling procedure subject to a series of legal specifications. Bilogistik satisfies your ADR shipment needs with the highest standards of reliability and compliance with standards on packaging, labelling, the marking of transport units and safety when carrying and securing the cargo in place in said units.

We work with qualified personnel, approved vehicles and experience thanks to which we can optimise the supply chain so that your goods will arrive intact, after a danger-free journey.

Ocean freight of dangerous goods

Maritime transport involves a series of ship and container approvals with a view to minimising risks, for both the dangerous goods themselves, and for human lives and the environment. The International Maritime Organisation is responsible for classifying dangerous goods, which is why they are known in the world of maritime transport as IMO goods.

The maritime transport of dangerous goods is governed by the IMDG (International Maritime Dangerous Goods) code, which details aspects such as packaging, labelling and on-board stowage, as well as providing protocols for dealing with potential emergencies and accidents. At Bilogistik we have the capacity to handle dangerous goods and manage the transport of your IMO freight quickly and safely.

Rail freight of dangerous goods

The rail freight of dangerous goods is regulated by the RID, the Regulation concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Rail, issued by the European Union. The packaging and stowage of this kind of cargo in wagons or tanks requires a series of additional measures to guarantee the safety of both people and the environment.

The companies responsible for carrying dangerous goods by train are obliged by law to have safety advisors to oversee these aspects. This is the guarantee offered by companies consolidated in the sector, like Bilogistik, always committed to observing the strictest of safety regulations.

Air freight of dangerous goods

Dangerous goods can also be transported by air and benefit from the speed of its delivery; however, this kind of transport does require a series of specialised measures to ensure that the logistics operation proceeds without surprises.

At Bilogistik we are specialists in the air transport of dangerous goods. We handle your sensitive cargo according to all safety standards in order to ensure that it arrives at its destination, completely intact and with absolutely no risk to the freight, people or the environment.

Intermodal transport of dangerous goods

While there is a certain degree of agreement in regard to goods requiring special transport, regulations on dangerous goods vary depending on the type of transport used. This is why, when proceeding with the multimodal transport of dangerous goods, care must be taken to have all of the permits and certificates required for said freight to be transported by the different vehicles participating in the operation.

At Bilogistik we combine land, air and maritime transport to provide a multimodal option where your dangerous goods travel smoothly from one mode to the other. This involves two or more means of transport guaranteeing a door-to-door service for your dangerous goods, legally and safely, with no delays in the logistics operation.

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