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We are launching this section of our website where we wish to discuss anything related to our activity: namely logistical solutions. Apart from containing a compilation of the most noteworthy news items from the sector, we also attempt to explain any changes in legislation that may affect this industry in a clear manner, veering away from convoluted legal terminology.

However, we also want to share with you the ins and outs of our daily work: how we ensure that the merchandise entrusted by our customers arrives to all corners of the globe. One of the obvious reasons behind our success in achieving this challenge is our provision of  multimodal transport solutions: namely, where we combine different means of transport (land, sea and air), in order to meet deadlines and the proper handling of merchandise. We will be talking about every means of transport, from road transport, with our own fleet of trucks (improving deadlines and cost) to trainplanes and sea transport, as well as its requisites and the advantages of each one for different types of cargo.

All types of merchandise

We will also be talking about the different types of merchandise on our blogs, as well as the best way of transporting them, depending on the origin and destination, as well as the requisites that must be complied with in each case, such as when we are transporting hazardous goods. We will of course touch on ferro-alloy, tyre and bulk transport, which we have specialised in for many years; three types of merchandise that owing to their particular nature, require special handling as well as specialised insurance.

Customs and administrative procedures

Another of the more complex aspects of international transport is the administrative procedures arising from customs. We at Bilogistik manage customs procedures for our customers, something we have ample expertise in, which also discussed in this blog. Something interesting in terms of the above is how to conduct these procedures in the most agile manner possible in order to optimise costs and reduce time, thanks to how we deal with numerous procedures and different entities on a case-by-case basis, such as port authorities, border police, customs, etc.

The management of port clearance formalities is also covered in-depth in several articles. We at Bilogistik take care of the consignment of ships as well as maritime charters for full consignments, where we choose the most suitable ship at the most competitive price for a specific cargo. We also take care of the collection of merchandise, their storage and dispatch, something we will also be covering in this section.

Merchandise storage

We cannot talk about the transport of merchandise without mentioning their storage throughout the journey, whether inside warehouses of free zones located in the same ports, with interesting tax and trade policy advantages, or in external warehouses, where administrative and customs formalities are different.

We will try to cover everything mentioned above in this blog, explaining each particular case and we will attempt to provide solutions to anyone with logistical requirements. We hope that you will find our articles useful!

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