Bilogistik, the transport company for solid bulk from Petronor’s FRU plant

2016 went out with a bang at Bilogistik, thanks to being awarded the tender for Petronor’s Fuel Reduction Unit (FRU)’s plant solid bulk road transport, a process that has been underway for several months.

This news was reported in specialised media outlets, including details of the contract between the two parties. This will involve the direct transport by Bilogistik to customers of sulphur and coke, solid bulk produced at this oil company’s FRU plant. It will also be responsible for the delivery of this bulk right up to the dock of Bilbao port, for their consequent shipping.

This operation is handled by Bilogistik’s subsidiary, Ancoa XXI, with a fleet of 15 trucks and 25 semi-trailers, equipped with all the resources to prevent any particles or dust from the goods from seeping out during their road transportation. Hence the importance of highlighting Bilogistik’s specialisation in bulk transport and all classes of freight that require special handling, with an emphasis on safety and environmental protection, which is in line with the time and cost effectiveness provided by Bilogistik in its road transportation.

Once the bulk materials arrive at Bilbao port, they are deposited in two storage warehouses (one for sulphur, with a capacity of 18,000 tons, and the other for coke, capable of storing more than 58,000 tons), owned by the oil company.

The raison d’etre of the transport of sulphur and coke to port facilities lies in the fact that the majority of bulk materials marketing involves shipping, according to Petronor.

Generally speaking, Bilogistik is estimated to transport about one million tons of sulphur and coke, with 110 trucks on the road in any one day.

Petronor, a customer of Bilogistik

With a production potential of 11 million tons per year, Petronor is the largest refinery in Spain, exporting more than a third of its production. The traffic flow generated by the company, located in the municipalities of Muskiz, Abanto-Zierbena and Zierbena (Bizkaia), accounts for more than 40% of the traffic at Bilbao port.

It occupies a 220- hectare site and has a storage capacity for oil of 894,000 m3, 1,279,000 tons for raw material, 922,000 m3 for finished products and 254,600 m3 for intermediate products.

Petronor’s Fuel Reduction Unit (FRU) has been operational since 2013. Heavier oil components intended for the manufacture of fuel oil are transformed at its facilities into lighter products that are more in demand on the market, such as liquefied gases (propane, butane), gasoline and diesel, according to the refinery.

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