Rail Freight Transport

As part of the philosophy of our multimodal transport company, we use rail lines wherever this guarantees an improved price and/or a faster service. At Bilogistik we look for optimised logistical solutions which include the combination of land, ocean and air transport. Our services include the placement of the containers or semi-trailers on board the train.

transporte multimodal bilogistik

Multimodal service

Bilogistik is a multimodal transport service operator. We offer solutions which combine rail transport with other modes of transport: maritime, air and overland. To streamline our service we have our own truck fleet and an extensive network of associates. This enables us to reach any point in the world, whatever the shipment.


Groupage of shipments

We optimise every shipment of goods in containers with a capacity of 24,000 kilograms. We use containers that allow us access to an extensive international rail network, able to reach anywhere in the world quickly and cheaply. We transport any type of consignment, and specialise in the handling of dangerous substances requiring sensitive handling.


Bilogistik: "Nothing is left for tomorrow"