Maritime Freight Transport

At Bilogistik we offer a maritime freight service for the transport of containers from anywhere in the world and with door-to-door delivery. We work alongside different shipping companies and we charter bulk carriers, whole or in part, for the transport of any type of material, in particular ferrous and ferro-alloy products.

Our long experience in the sector, especially in the area of dangerous goods, enables us to offer the best integrated service in the handling and transport of any type of shipment.


Bulk cargo and Ferro-alloys

We specialise in the sensitive handling of bulk cargoes, tyres and ferro-alloys. Bilogistik has the machinery and technology required for the transport of every type of bulk cargo and shipment. At Bilogistik we have broad experience in the transport and handling of sensitive, dangerous and/or easily contaminating substances and goods.


Shipping agency

We offer our customers an integrated service as shipping agents in the ports, including loading and unloading, stevedoring, technical assistance, repair and control of spare parts, etc. We work with reputable shipowners, with a legal representative in the port, responsible for the entire operation.


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