Why a company with its own fleet of lorries?

When we need to hire a logistical company, either for road transport or even for multi-modal transport, we can choose a company with its own fleet of lorries, or on the other hand, a company that subcontracts these services out. At Bilogistik, we have our own fleet, because we think that doing it this way means we can provide better service to our clients. Do you want to find out why?

Benefits of hiring a company with its own fleet of lorries

Based on our experience, having our own fleet only has benefits, both for our clients and for us. Firstly, our units are totally available for any service required; companies that exclusively depend on third parties may find that they are not available, which happens more frequently when the client orders a shipment with a small time margin. What is more, any change in deadlines or routescan be processed more easily when we do so with our own staff and units, than when processed with third parties.

Furthermore, it is much simpler to control delivery deadlines and shipment tracking, both for us and for our clients; at any time, we can locate the shipment, know where it is along the route, and find out about and correct any unforeseen circumstance in the timetable or route.

Our lorries being completely available provides us with flexibility that could not be obtained with outsourced fleets; we can much better control deadlines, adjust costs and adapt to our clients needs.

In short, having our own fleet has several different benefits, both for the client and for Bilogistik:

  • Total fleet availability for services requested of us by our clients.
  • Flexibility in deadlines and schedules.
  • Cost adjustment.
  • Foments stable employment, since we have our own employees.

Worldwide network of collaborators

However, in addition to our own fleet,  in order to make door-to-door deliveries anywhere in the world, we have a large network of collaborators so that we can offer our clients a complete multi-modal services, with pick-ups and deliveries anywhere on the planet.

We transport any type of merchandise, and we are also specialists in bulk and merchandise that requires special handling, as well as ferrous products and ferroalloys. Furthermore, we take care of storing the merchandise if necessary, and carry out administrative steps and duties processes required, offering complete service to our clients.

Whatever the cargo may be, the transport methods needed and the deadlines required, we take care of laying out a route to optimise time and costs, offering agile service and providing for shipment tracking at all times.

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