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About us

Bilogistik was born in June 2012, created by three partners with different kinds of experience in road transport, the services sector and logistics, including positions of high responsibility in the multinationals of the trade. This combined background led to the creation of a company dedicated to providing global coverage for every customer’s logistics needs, no matter how complicated they are.

That’s Bilogistik, a logistics company that provides accessible advice with the quality standards of a multinational.

Scalable logistics

A well-oiled machine, consisting of 3 pieces: Ancoa 21, Navisa Alfaship, Atxapunte, different companies joined together as a single group to better address the different stages of the logistics process.

As a fully scalable company, we adapt to every operation with the help of our international partners. Here our most important partner is DOLT Logistics, with whom we work in France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Scandinavia.

Specialists in ferro alloys and global service

At Bilogistik we have extensive experience in carrying freight by road, train, ship, plane or multimodal transport. However, far from stopping at a range of transport solutions, we offer a global logistics service with which we can take care of your freight from the moment of reception at its origin until delivery to its destination. This includes storage, forwarding, shipping and customs clearance services for any kind of freight.

This said, if there is any single kind of freight for which we truly make a difference, it has to be ferro alloys. Not only do we specialise in transporting ferro alloys, we are also highly familiar with their characteristics, as well as their handling and transport procedures. We also have a warehouse especially dedicated to ferro alloys, such as ferro manganese, ferro silicon and ferro chrome. The transport of this kind of freight would be impossible to offer without this kind of storage space.

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