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Logistics solutions for petrochemical companies

We offer the global management of logistics for companies in the petrochemical industry dedicated to transporting goods classified as dangerous. This kind of industry has specific procedures in place for freight representing a special risk to human health or the environment. Only by means of optimum logistics management can we prevent potential accidents, which would also seriously damage your company’s image.

We manage the whole process, including loading, unloading, stowing, unstowing, transport and, of course, the corresponding formalities.

Success stories in petrochemical logistics

We adapt to previous transport agreements made by your company. If you have already contracted ships with a specific shipping company, having decided that they are the best ones for the transportation of petrochemical freight, we will pick up the baton and manage the fleet to guarantee that the goods arrive safely to port.

One success story worthy of note in the petrochemical industry is our work with the hydrocarbon company Repsol/Petronor. The company commissioned us to design a dedicated ecological fleet to transport green petcoke and sulphur, as well as a fleet of dedicated tanks for transporting asphalt. We therefore designed the required fleets to meet the petrol company’s specific needs with great success.

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