At Bilogistik we transport tyres and any other goods made of rubber, or rubber compounds. We transport the freight by road, in our own truck fleet, or by rail, sea or air. Bilogistik works with leading names in the tyre sector, including Bridgestone, and we look after all the administrative proceedings for their products.


We look for logistics solutions for customers needing to transport their shipment of wheels and tyres made of rubber. Bilogistik is responsible for the shipment, from start to end, coordinating with and keeping the customer informed of the status and location of their goods at all times. We work with reputable shipowners to offer the customer rapid and efficient transport in any situation.

Special materials

We transport products and goods of any type, including those that require sensitive handling.

Floating insurance policy

All goods carried by Bilogistik, in special shipments of higher risk/value, are insured.

Global traffic

Bilogistik transports any type of goods from anywhere in the world to the destination of your choice.


Bilogistik: "Nothing is left for tomorrow"