We specialise in the transport, management and storage of ferro-alloys and goods requiring sensitive handling. Our logistics solutions include customs clearance and other necessary administrative proceedings, transport (either by sea, air or road) and the subsequent storage of the shipment. We have CMR insurance for international road transport.


At Bilogistik we transport any type of goods, with the maximum savings in time and cost. We use land, maritime and air routes, and we transport any type of product from anywhere in the world to the proposed destination. We often operate in international destinations, including South Africa, and we look for logistics solutions for our customers to find the shortest and most environmentally-friendly route.

Ferrous products

We specialise in the handling and transport of ferrous products and ferro-alloys.

Special goods

Bilogistik carries special and/or dangerous goods that require sensitive handling.

Metals of all types

We carry all types of materials and goods: pig iron, chromite, etc.


Bilogistik: "Nothing is left for tomorrow"